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Welcome to the 2018 DLUMC T Ball Registration Page!

Deer Lake United Methodist Church T Ball is designed to introduce young children (players from 4 years of age to 6 years of age) to team sports in a fun and supportive atmosphere that doesn't require a huge investment of time or money, but is a great investment in your child and your family. Our league runs from Saturday, April 7 thru Saturday, May 12. We only meet on Saturday mornings so there are no practices or games to commit to during the week.  

We meet on the designated Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and practice/ play on the same day at Tekesta Park in Killearn Lakes Subdivision Map to Tekesta Park. It is helpful to arrive around 8:45 a.m. to allow for players to get to their fields in due time (we also serve coffee in the morning to families, so no last minute trips to the coffee shop necessary)!Parking on Deer Lake Road and Tekesta Rd is encouraged, as the area inside the park gets very tricky and potentially unsafe for our players and families. We will have a brief devotional between practice and the game each weekend, which is a great time for the players and their families to gather, grab some water and learn something awesome for the day. 

The registration fee is $40 and includes a T ball shirt, team hat and the celebration day festivities on the last day of the season. You need to supply your child with a glove, water bottle, and shoes (rubber cleats & tennis shoes acceptable).  Registration ends on Monday, March 23rd,  so don't delay! 

Please remember the primary goal of DLUMC T-Ball is for the children to have fun. This league is strictly non-competitive—it is anticipated that all games will miraculously end in a deadlocked tie. For many of the kids, this may likely be their first exposure to organized team sports. If nothing else, we hope the experience will be positive and foster an even greater interest in youth sports. Please don’t forget to thank your coaches often. All of our coaches are volunteers and freely give their time for our kids. If you would like to be a coach or assistant coach please let us know!

Not only is parent participation encouraged, it is necessary. Please take the opportunity to be involved and “take the field.” Coaches will be the leaders and will direct traffic and tell you where you can be most helpful. Cheering is to be loud and frequent. Encouragement is to be consistent and widely spread across both teams. Also, each team will need a parent snack coordinator who will coordinate with other parents and determine who will bring snacks to each game. Coaches will be in touch about this, but please offer assistance with this if you are interested.

We look forward to seeing you!  We have a lot of great things planned. 



2) USE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT (if your child played TBall or Soccer last season) or CREATE AN ACCOUNT AS A FIRST TIME USER / LOGIN

3) ADD YOUR CHILD(REN) TO FAMILY ACCOUNT AND REGISTER (You must go thru the complete registration process for each individual before adding someone else)

4) REGISTER YOURSELF TO VOLUNTEER if you are willing & able  (We needs lots of volunteers...Please let us know if you can help)


PLEASE NOTE REGARDING TEAM REQUESTS:  Our system only allows a maximum of three team player requests.  Keep in mind that we will do our best to place your child on the desired team, but cannot guarantee it.  

*Our system requires that payment be made with a credit card or debit card.  Please contact us through the site if you would like make special arrangements to pay by check or cash or if you have additional questions not addressed on this site.  Plesae do not contact the church office as the staff is not equipped to handle any issues.